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Who We Are

The Schachinger Group (TSG) is a unique firm in that it provides both operational/ management consulting, planning, and comprehensive design services in the areas of materials management, food and nutrition, solid waste management, horizontal and vertical transport, central sterile processing and materials handling.

TSG provides a completely integrated approach to the planning and design of support/back-of-the-house service areas. This approach provides you with coordinated consulting, planning and design services from a single qualified source. The firm performs the necessary data collection and analysis to properly evaluate, determine and recommend alternatives that provide the most cost effective and physically feasible solutions to meet a facility's materials/waste management or transport needs. TSG provides integrated solutions that insure the planned systems work in concert with the facility's overall mission and goals. Plans and specifications developed by TSG require high quality systems and/or equipment, while encouraging a very competitive pricing environment.

Our experience in providing services for more than 800 clients worldwide over the past 22 years has revealed the benefits of treating these important disciplines as interdependent functions, planned in a coordinated way with the assistance of one experienced and qualified firm.

Our approach to meeting your needs is very comprehensive. Our services encompass much of the infrastructure required for the operation of your facility. The added value The Schachinger Group (TSG) provides is our ability to be your sole source for infrastructure consulting. Overall, our pledge is to provide study and design consulting services to enhance our client's opportunity for success. We help you succeed.

As a single source for your support services planning, The Schachinger Group (TSG) provides its clients with integrated studies, analysis, designs, training and implementation of your basic operational and physical support elements to allow you to concentrate on your primary business. We work with our clients to analyze and then establish the type and depth of services required of the inter-related Materials Management, Materials Handling, Waste Management, Food and Nutrition Service, Vertical and Horizontal Transport and Central Sterile Supply. This Functional Programming effort sets the requirements for the Space Program, and then the final competitive designs that will allow your support departments to function as needed, as planned and as expected. The data utilized in performing these studies and the information outcomes are integrated into the final Waste Management, Vertical Transport and Materials Handling designs to help ensure the needs of your operations are fully supported by the facility's transport and disposal systems.

Transport and circulation planning includes the detailed traffic studies and designs for the safe and efficient transport of everything that needs to move: people, food, materials, supplies, equipment, furniture, merchandise, baggage, waste, linen and the like. Our planning and design team have extensive experience in the studies and designs of elevators, escalators, pneumatic tube systems, chutes, robotics, Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS), dumbwaiters, ETV's, etc. We coordinate the studies to ensure that adequate transport is planned, without unnecessary duplication.