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The Pentagon
The Pentagon

The Pentagon

The Pentagon, headquarters of the national defense establishment and the nerve center for US command and control, is virtually a city within itself. The facility spans 29 acres, with over 6.6 million sq. ft. of gross floor area including 17.5 miles of corridors, The Pentagon houses more than 26,000 military and civilian employees and 3,000 non-defense support personnel dedicated to protecting United States interests. The building, originally constructed between 1941 and 1943, presents quite an operational challenge for support services.

The Pentagon’s Qualified “Materials Handling / Materials Management” Consultant

The Schachinger Group — as The Pentagon’s qualified “Materials Handling/Materials Management” operations and design consultant, developed an efficient and effective materials handling system to integrate the new Remote Delivery Facility (RDF) with the requirements of the renovated Pentagon. Because of heightened security concerns, The Pentagon receives and inspects incoming shipments and mail at the remote facility.

The permanent RDF is connected to the Pentagon by a materials handling and pedestrian tunnel.

The RDF will receive and inspect all supplies, equipment and materials. Once incoming items have been inspected, they will be delivered within the Pentagon. All out bound shipments including waste will also be handled through the RDF. To manage the flow of materials and equipment, tracking systems were required.

The Schachinger Group provided an assessment of existing materials transport system(s), an analysis of the immediate and future traffic impacting the renovated Pentagon and the Remote Delivery Facility (RDF), as well as operational overviews of the current and projected materials management, foodservice, materials handling and transport methodologies and systems.

Materials Management
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The Pentagon | Case Study

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