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Cleveland Heart Clinic
Cleveland Heart Clinic

Cleveland Clinic Projects.

Clinic Services & AGV Robotics Group + Miller Heart Health Hospital

Project Details: Cleveland Clinic Services & AGV Robotics Group​

The Schachinger Group (TSG) began work on the Cleveland Clinic Service Center project with the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH (CC) in November 2005. The Hospital logistics support project went live on September 14, 2008 and after its first two years of operation has proven the value of its state of the art operations and functions.

The departments and services contained in the Cleveland Clinic Service Center include: Service Center Administration and Management; Receiving and Shipping Docks, Receiving, Breakout; Fast Track Distribution; Materials Management; Bulk Stores; Order Fulfillment; Linen and Textile Services (clean and soiled); Central Sterile Processing; Equipment Processing and Distribution; Patient Food and Nutrition Services; Waste Management and Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS) / Robot Materials Handling Operations.

The new ~183,000 ft² Service Center represents the largest and most sophisticated Hospital based Service Center / Distribution Center in the USA, and likely the world. The use of the latest proven technologies including RFID, bar codes, and extensive use of wireless technologies means the effective technological life of new operations and equipment will exceed 20 years. Flexibilities are provided to allow future adjustments to match changes in needs. The Cleveland Clinic Service Center project was the largest LEED certified project in the State of Ohio.

TSG’S Scope Of Work Consisted Of :

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Visioning
    • Programming – All Departments / Functions and Spaces
    • Design – All Departments / Functions
    • Concurrent Management / Departmental Re-Engineering
    • Contract Documents
    • Project Management and Construction Administration
    • Implementation and Training
Project Details: Cleveland Clinic Miller Heart Hospital

The Cleveland Clinic’s new Miller Heart Hospital and Glickman Buildings added 400 beds, Invasive Services, Operating Rooms and other hospital and health care functions contained in ~ 1,400,000 ft² addition. TSG’s early studies determined that the added requirements would be well beyond the capabilities of the existing support and service departments. The existing service operations needed to be replaced by departments capable of meeting the needs of the new facility plus other new construction that was identifiable in the Facility Master Plan. The design and operational goals included maintaining bottom line costs to the extent possible even with the ~40% increase in beds, services, space, staff and the corresponding volumes represented by the expansion projects.

Cleveland Clinic Service Center & AGV Robot Project | Case Study
Life Cycle Costing

A detailed and extensive site location survey and “build to own” vs. rent vs. lease option studies found that the best solution would be to construct the new replacement services beneath the planned 4,000 car 89th street parking garage. A new tunnel system would span the distance between the new Cleveland Clinic Service Center and the existing campus with average moves of ~1,550 feet each way. Financial and operational analysis of the alternates indicated the best options for materials transport would be the use of an AGVS (robot materials handling) transport system.

Cleveland Clinic Service Center & AGV Robot Project | Case Study

The Primary Cleveland Clinic Project Team

They were selected by the Cleveland Clinic as the Best of the Best for the work required. The team faced a very aggressive time line requiring designs, construction and implementation to be completed in about 65% or in some cases even less, than would normally be scheduled.

Project Design & Construction team Members


Mr. Ron Lawson, Sr. Owner’s Representative

Construction Management

Donley’s, Cleveland, OH, Mr. Don Dreier, Mr. Jay Waddell, Mr. Jayeson Babic

Project Manager – Administration & Operations

Mr. Bill Peacock; Executive Director for Operational Support Services

Project Architect

Bostwick Design Partnership, Cleveland OH. Mr. David Miano

Project Manager - Construction

Mr. Jon Englander, Hospital Administration

Project Administration

Mr. Ken Pope and Mr. Dennis McBride, Balfour Concord

Cleveland Clinic Logistics

Mr. Jeff Pepperworth, Sr. Director of Materials Management; Mr. Dennis Mullen, Director Materials Management; Mr. Roger Reese, Service Center Manager

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