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Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital (SBCH)

The Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital (SBCH) replacement project includes a new 330-bed state-of-art Level II trauma center. The guiding principle for planning and design of the new SBCH facility is to “Guarantee the Best Possible Hospital for Future Generations on the South Coast.”

Illustration of Cottage Hospital
  • OWNER: Cottage Health System
  • DESIGN ARCHITECT: Lee Burkhardt Liu, Inc.
  • TOTAL BUILDING AREA: 472,000 gsf. new, 240,000 gsf. renovated,
  • CONSTRUCTION COST: $304,600,000

Ξ Awarded a Citation of Merit by Healthcare Design Magazine Ξ
Great attention has been given to achieve an environmentally and community friendly design.


  • Functional Programs
  • Space Programs
  • Vertical and Horizontal Transport
  • Pneumatic Tube System
  • Materials and  Waste Management
  • Central Sterile Processing & System Logistics Center

“Green Building” characteristics such as modern systems for rubbish and medical waste management are integrated into the design. New processes and equipment are considered for all departments to minimize the waste quantities generated. TSG developed a new waste management program that was developed and integrated into the City of Santa Barbara’s city-wide recycling program.

Planning ensured compliance with the State of California Senate Bill 1953 new seismic regulations.

Patient dining and food and beverage facilities for visitors, physicians, and staff have been designed.

A centralized Cottage Hospital System Logistics Center and modern materials handling, vertical and horizontal transport systems; elevators, pneumatic tubes, docks and central sterile processing areas will reduce operating costs and maximize staff efficiencies in support of patient care and other hospital functions.

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