Peer Review & Project Consultation

Peer review

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The Schachinger Group has been providing lean, green, evidence based planning, design and implementation since 1984.

Peer Review & Project Consultation
The Schachinger Group (TSG) is a unique firm in that it provides both operational/ management consulting, planning, and comprehensive design services in the areas of materials management, food and nutrition, solid waste management, horizontal and vertical transport, central sterile processing and materials handling

Peer Review & Project Consultation

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Transport and Cirulation Planning

Transport and circulation planning includes the detailed traffic studies and designs for the safe and efficient transport of everything that needs to move: people, food, materials, supplies, equipment, furniture, merchandise, baggage, waste, linen and the like. Our planning and design team have extensive experience in the studies and designs of elevators, escalators, pneumatic tube systems, chutes, robotics, Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS), dumbwaiters, ETV’s, etc. We coordinate the studies to ensure that adequate transport is planned, without unnecessary duplication.

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